Rental Terms

Minimum Rental Period

The minimum rental period for the low season(21/09 – 30/06)    2days.

Minimun rental period for the high season(01/07 – 20/09) 3days.

The prices are available only for the online bookings.

The offers are avilable for minimum rental period  3days.

Driver’s Age

Minimum rental age is 21 years on last birthday with at least one year experience on a full driving license, drivers under 23 years of age may rent a car, at our discretion, for an additional daily charge of €15 on the official pricelist. The maximum rental age is 75 years

Driving License

The drivers must hold a valid driver’s license issued in the European Union. Drivers from outside of the European Union require an International driver’s license. All drivers must have held their driver’s license for a minimum of 2 years.

Terms of payment

Full payment to be made when you collect the vehicle either by Cash, Visa or Master card.

Vehicle Use

All the  cars  are not allowed on unpaved (non-asphalt) roads. If we find a normal car being driven on unpaved roads, or the car is photographed off road, we will reclaim the vehicle immediately, without notice and no refund will be made for any unused days. If this is the case, there is a charge of 100 euros and you will be liable for the repair of any damage found on the undercarriage, wheels and tyres of the vehicle, plus the replacement cost of any filters and the cost of any special cleaning.

Delivery of the vehicle

It is the responsibility of the renter to check the condition of the vehicle and to ensure that any existing damage is recorded on the Rental Agreement when taking delivery of the vehicle. Any damages not recorded on the Rental Agreement and found when the vehicle is returned will become the responsibility of the renter.

Return of the vehicle

Unless otherwise stated on the Rental Agreement the vehicle is to be returned to the rental place from which it was taken.In the event that the vehicle is returned late there is a charge of ¼ days rental for every hour over the recorded time on the Rental Agreement. If the vehicle is returned with the interior in a very dirty condition a charge of € 20 will be made for cleaning.

Early Return of the vehicle

The duration of your rental starts and finishes according to the pick-up and drop-off dates and times detailed on your contract, the price of which will be confirmed at time of booking and is calculated on the basis of 24-hour units. Unfortunately SunCars is unable to make refunds for vehicles, in case of late pick-up, early return or unused days.


The vehicles must be returned with the same level of fuel as recorded on the Rental Agreement. Fuel left in the tank is not refundable.

Breaches of the law

All penalties or fines are the responsibility of the renter.

Travel on Ferry Boats

You are allowed to travel by ferry to Ithaca island.Travel on ferry boats to other islands is strictly forbidden.

Pet Policy

We allow on request housebroken pets to ride in rental vehicles with no additional fees provided they are properly contained in a travel kennel, container or cage at all times. For the health and comfort of subsequent renters of the vehicle who may be allergic to animal dander, the vehicle must be returned in its original condition with no animal hair or feathers anywhere in or on the vehicle. Renters whose vehicles require a detailed cleaning to remove animal hair or address sanitary issues will be assessed with a €60 fee.

In case of an accident or damage to a vehicle

  • Inform SunCars immediately.
  • Do not acknowledge responsibility in anyway.
  • Report the accident to the police and make an accident report.
  • Collect the names, addresses and phone numbers of any involved parties and any witnesses.
  • Do not remove the car unless officially asked by the traffic police or the representative of the insurance company to do so.

Additional benefits

Free Delivery/Collection to:

Kefalonia Airport – Argostoli Lassi – Lourdas – Trapezaki – Karavados – Pessada – Svoronata.

Unlimited Kilometers.

No hidden costs.

No credit card fees.

Free baby seats that are placed by the customer.

Free additional driver,must be present at the start of the car rental.

Free tourist information

Insurance policy

Insurance excess is 600€ for low season  and 700€ for the high season categories A B C C+ D.